I am glad you dropped by.  My name is Ken Imah, concept developer/interactive concept designer. I am also a freelance graphic designer/print shop owner with passion for print arts and print design.  I love print design! A few years ago, I began to explore how technology and humans interact, particularly in the areas of sensor driven human-machine relationship. I became interested in interactive design and the technology of Internet of Things (IOT).

Meanwhile, and throughout the years, I have produced stunning brochures, souvenir booklets, and convention deliverables for various individuals and non-profit organizations.  I manage everything from brochure layout design, invitation, postcard and convention banners, to printing. My passion is in creative arts, particularly digital print.  I like to keep it simple. Send me an email with any project you may have in mind for a quote. For samples and quote on projects including promotional products, click here!

Some examples of my work are also listed here: